ABOUT Mu Methods


If users lose access to their account on their primary device they can regain access through the Mu network

Private Key Generation

Users don’t need their password to access their account on a secondary device or wallet

Verified Credential Management

Secured and proven identifiers can be permissioned how you want, where you want, when you want

Application Connectivity

Transactions can be signed by any device key no longer requiring users to choose the wallet provider they are connecting from


Frankie Pangilinan (Founder, CTO) began working in software development in 2016 as MetaMask’s #3 hire. She stayed on the team for four years as a core dev, seeing the company through its inception, the ICO boom and bust, crypto kitties onslaught, and eventual dominance of the Ethereum wallet ecosystem. Her primary responsibility was to manage the code focusing on network connectivity, transaction construction and sending. She maintained a heavy security mindset while assisting the founder, Kumavis, in his research. During her tenure, Frankie realized that key management was the solution to login complexity and personal identity verification. Through her journey of p2p protocols she gained a deep understanding of the underlying technologies required to construct and execute the next step to self-sovereign identity.
Jugal Patel (Founder, CEO) started working in Web3 while finishing his BS in Finance from SFSU. Shortly before graduating he was approached to serve as Chief of Staff and Ops Lead at Balance, a crypto wallet built for Safari extensions. During his tenure he managed all company operations , including finance, community, project management, and human resources. He also represented Balance at Eth Denver Web3 building a strong network of thought leaders, founders, and investors. Throughout this experience, he began to understand the potential for crypto wallets to serve as a singular digital identity, leading him to co-found Mu Methods. Outside of the crypto world his greatest passions lie in non-profit work to empower those suffering from homelessness, mental health and addiction issues. He also serves on the San Francisco board for StartOut, developing programs and content for underrepresented founders and investors focused in the crypto and digital asset ecosystem.
Renée Pangilinan (Developer, Reasearcher) was born and raised in the Bay Area. Her favorite flavor of smoothie is strawberry banana. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in theater and mathematics from Sarah Lawrence College. While in New York, She had the honor of working with Professor Philip Ording on several projects including his book 99 Variations on a Proof. Education and accessibility rank high in Renée’s personal values. In line with these values is the opportunity to broaden the utility of crypto technologies and to streamline the wallet experience. The mathematics of the secure and efficient transmission of information has long captivated her and she is excited to tackle the problem of recovering supposedly lost information.


Aaron DeYonker (Product Advisor) is a veteran product leader. He began his career as Microsoft working on the company’s advanced media, web, and OS teams. Since then, he has contributed to three successful exits in the greentech space and founded Siemens’ Silicon Valley Research Lab. Currently, Aaron runs the product organization at ScopeAR for the world’s leading enterprise augmented reality platform. Throughout his career, Aaron has helped establish and mature the discipline of Product Management across a number of domains and industries. Aaron is a graduate of the University of Michigan.